The first comment from the investigating judge on the ruling against Nancy Ajram’s husband


The Appeal Public Prosecutor in Mount Lebanon, Ghada Aoun, confirmed that directing the case of willful killing of Fadi al-Hashem, the artist’s husband Nancy Ajram In the incident of the murder of a thief who entered his home, in his favor because of his defense of his family, saying: “They ignored the rumors and those who are trying to discredit the judicial process.” Article 229, explaining that her decision was made according to these two articles and she said: “Review the two articles to know everything.“.

In turn, Dr. Al-Hashem’s lawyer, Gabi Germanos, issued a statement in which he indicated that he was not surprised by the current claim against his client, because the natural path is to transfer the file to the first investigating judge in Mount Lebanon. “With our assurance that the investigating judge will issue a decision considering Dr. Fadi Al Hashem’s act as a legitimate self-defense“.

In a new development in the murder case of Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, the star’s husband Nancy AjramFor a Syrian youth in their home in Lebanon, the Public Prosecution of Lebanon, today, Wednesday, claimed that Fadi al-Hashem was charged with “intentional killing” in a new development in the case after he shot a Syrian youth two weeks ago.

Judge Ghada Aoun, the Appeal Public Prosecutor in Mount Lebanon, Ali Fadi al-Hashem, claimed the crime of killing the Syrian citizen Muhammad Musa, according to Article 547, which is pronounced on Article 229 penalties (intentional killing), according to Russia Today.

The prosecution was referred to the first investigating judge in Mount Lebanon, Nicolas Mansour, and forensic medicine in Syria announced that the body of the young Muhammad Musa would be dissected upon arrival in the country.

The Director General of the General Authority of Forensic Medicine in Syria, Zahir Hajo, has announced that the Syrian judiciary will be asked to examine the body of the Syrian young man, Mohammed Hassan Al-Mousa, who was killed by the husband of the actress Nancy Ajram in her home and an autopsy if necessary, immediately upon his arrival in Syria, explaining that a tripartite committee will be formed under his chairmanship And the membership of both the forensic doctors in Damascus and Homs, according to “Sputnik”“.

The killing of Al-Mousa caused a sensation on the media because of the mystery and contradictions, which caused the crime, which raised many doubts about the occurrence of organized crime, and currently the Lebanese judiciary is investigating the case after a number of Syrian lawyers volunteered to open investigations again.


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