The first comment of the Minister of Immigration after stopping the death sentence on the Egyptian citizen


08:50 PM

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Books – Osama Ali:

Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration, thanked the Saudi authorities and the Supreme Court of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for agreeing today, Wednesday, to the request of the Saudi Public Prosecution to return the case file in which the death sentence was imposed on the Egyptian citizen, “Ali Abu al-Qasim Abdel-Warith Mustafa”, to the District Court for its study of New by the Saudi Public Prosecution.

In a statement today, the Minister of Immigration praised the efforts of Attorney General Hamada Al-Sawy in the Ali Abu al-Qasim case, and his constant communication with his Saudi counterpart to find out the developments of the case and push for a re-examination of the issue and his continuous cooperation with the Ministry of Immigration on coordination and follow-up of its file, and that meeting came on The margins of the Attorney General’s meeting with his Saudi counterpart last November in Riyadh, in which he reviewed the means of judicial cooperation between the two brotherly countries, as well as details of what the Egyptian Public Prosecution’s investigations related to the incident revealed.

The Minister of Immigration also praised the efforts of the Egyptian state represented by the Egyptian embassy in Saudi Arabia, which followed up on the ongoing course of the case, as well as the Saudi Public Prosecution, which took into account all aspects of the case and the requests of the Egyptian side during the past period, which resulted in a review of the case again.

The Minister affirmed full respect for the Saudi judicial system, compliance with its provisions and confidence in its fairness and independence, noting that the Ministry of Immigration continues to cooperate with the relevant authorities of the two countries in following up the developments of the case.

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