The first docking of two astronauts in orbit on this day in space


Did you know that on this day, January 16, 1969, two spacecraft made up of a crew docked into orbit for the first time, when the Soviet Union launched the Soyuz 4 spacecraft, with only one astronaut on board, but returned with a crew of three Individuals after two Soyuz 5 astronauts have flown by spacecraft while they dock in orbit.

According to the American “space” website, the docking process lasted for more than 4 hours, it was at an altitude of about 213 km above the surface of the earth, and Soyuz 4 returned safely to Earth.

Fusion of the two compounds
Fusion of the two compounds

But the unlucky pioneer who left in Soyuz 5 was his cruel landing, during re-entry, the service unit failed to separate from the landing unit, and the spacecraft turned upside down.

Soft umbrellas and landing missiles also failed to propagate properly, and this pioneer is Boris Volynov, who miraculously survived the accident, but lost some of his teeth.

The launch was from the Baikonur Space Center in central Kazakhstan. However, the two spacecraft were not launched at the same time. Rather, the Soyuz 4 was launched initially on January 14, 1969, and the second is the Soyuz 5 which was launched a day later.

The Soyuz 4 and 5 spacecraft were part of the Soyuz spacecraft program, which is the human spaceflight program launched by the Soviet Union in the early 1960s, and was part of the moon landing project and the placing of Russian astronauts on its surface, and is the third program for manned space flight after Vostok And voskhod.


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