The first education decision regarding the incident of distorting the Quran in the Arab test


06:06 PM

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Books – Osama Ali:

Dr. Mohamed Saad, Director of the Directorate of Education in Beheira, said that the director of the Arabic language responsible for the error in the Arabic language exam was referred to the fifth grade of elementary school in Kom Hamada administration, Beheira Governorate.

The pages of social networking sites circulated, a picture of the Arabic language exam for the fifth grade of primary education, by Kom Hamadeh. The fifth question included the word “Almighty said” before the saying “Egypt is the cradle of civilization”, as any Quranic.

“Saad” added to Masrawy: “The person responsible for the question has been referred for investigation, and the maximum penalty will be imposed.”

These penalties include: salary deduction, or deprivation of exams status, according to the Directorate’s Legal Affairs Committee, according to Dr. Mohamed Saad.

The director of the Lake District Education Directorate pointed out that the responsible mentor tried to justify the incident as a “typo”, stressing that this matter does not exempt him from punishment.

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