The first picture of Reem Al-Saeedi with her new baby .. and what she said is moving


Tunisian model Reem Al-Saidi shared her followers on “Instagram” with a new image for her, hours after she gave birth to her second child from her Lebanese broadcaster, Wissam Braidi.

Reem looked normal, without makeup, and showed signs of fatigue and urged to hide the features of her child. She expressed her happiness with the good news and commented on the picture with a message from the heart saying: “It was not an easy journey at all, but we did it, my little girl, thank you for choosing me, Wissam and my parents for you.”

“Sorry, we have been busy caring for your sister for 38 weeks, but we love you more than you think, and you and your sister are happy for us,” she added in English.

“I will protect you and your sister, and I will always be near you. Welcome to our family, little angel, we love you.”

The couple had their first daughter, Bella Maria, in 2018, and during her first birthday, we had to wait for their second child, whom they named Sofia Maria.


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