The first pictures of the new “Shahada of the Shahama” in Dakahlia – the governorates


A state of great sadness dominated the village of “Mit Antar” in Talkha district, in the governorate DakahliaAfter the death of the “Shaheed Al Shahama” Muhammad Al-Aziri, his family decided to postpone the funeral until Wednesday, after the severe sadness and shock that they received after he was run over under the wheels of a car on the road “Talkha – Sherbin” while chasing two young men in Tok Tok after they kidnapped them by a handbag from Lady.

Intelligence of al-Aziri, the cousin of the deceased, said that “Muhammad” got married recently and only 10 days passed, and he was renting a cafeteria in front of Al-Awadi Street in Talkha, and he was surprised at his work by the screaming of the “Al-Haqouni lady” who stole my suitcase. From him except that he rode his motorcycle, and chased the thieves who were riding Tuk Tuk.

Al-Aziri told Al-Watan that he managed to catch the thieves at the professor’s factory, but when they felt that he was chasing them, one of the thieves kicked him with his leg, and because the road was two-way, “Muhammad” fell to the ground in the event that a speeding car came from the other direction and ran over him.

He pointed out that he had not been inferred the location of the Tok Tok yet, and all security measures were taken to arrest the perpetrators.

Major General Fadel Amar, Director of Dakahlia Security, had received a notification from the Najda Police of a notification from the people of Talkha that a Tok Tok crash had occurred on a citizen on the road “Talkha – Sherbin”.

The ambulance and the intelligence officers of Talkha were immediately transported, and upon examination it was found that Mahmoud Ibrahim Mahmoud Ibrahim Al-Azazi was killed, and his reputation was “Muhammad Al-Azazi”, 30 years old, and a resident of the village of Mit Antar, Talkha Center.

The eyewitnesses confirmed that while a woman called “A friend. A.M.”, a school, went to her work, Tok Tok came from behind and kidnapped her handbag in front of Al-Awadhi Street in Talkha, and the woman sought help with pedestrians, so Mohammed Al-Azazi rode a motorcycle and left his workplace in Cafeteria, and chased the perpetrators on the road “Talkha – Sherbin”, and during the chase, someone kicked him with his foot, and he fell by motorcycle under the wheels of a car that was traveling on the opposite road.

The witnesses explained that the perpetrators managed to escape with a tuk tuk and the stolen bag, and called the victim “the martyr of gallantry.”

The Public Prosecution ordered the transfer of the body from Talkha Central Hospital to the morgue of the Mansoura International Hospital for the autopsy and an explanation of the cause of death, and quickly ordered the arrest and bringing of the perpetrators.

Talkha detectives intensified their investigations to quickly arrest the perpetrators, and released the necessary minutes.

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