The first response from Hamas to the news of the announcement of the deal of the century within hours


The resistance movement said
Palestinian Hamas that successive leaks about the US administration’s announcement of the so-called
The Deal of the Century, a continuation of the US identification with the right
Israeli, And insist on
Participation in the aggression against the rights of the Palestinian people.

The spokesman said
In the name of the movement, I.
N Any deal or project that detracts from our full rights to our land and our sanctities will not pass,
All attempts to pass this deal will be broken on a rock
resistance Our people and their steadfastness.

He added in a statement
“It is our Palestinian people who will determine their own destiny, through their continuous revolution and legitimate struggle
His absolute belief in the justice of his cause, and his ability to sacrifice until he took his freedom and expelled the occupier.

He confirmed that
“The borders of the Palestinian homeland and its holy city were drawn by the Palestinian people with their blood that was shed
Throughout its history, it has resisted the occupier, and these borders will not be drawn by a decision of the occupant of the White House, nor will they
Power can reduce these fenced borders with blood
And shreds Martyrs Our people and our nation. “

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