The first rocket with satellites launched from the Coro Space Airport in 2020


The European company Arianespace has announced the launch of the Ariane-5 transport missile successfully from the Coro Space Airport in French Guiana, with communication satellites on board, in what is the first launch from the Coro Space Airport in 2020, and the Ariane-5 transport missile has been carried into space by satellite EUTELSAT KONNECT for the European satellite operator Eutelsat, and the GSAT-30 satellite for the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

According to Russia Today’s website, EUTELSAT KONNECT is the 34th satellite launched by Arianespace for Eutelsat since 1983, and the aforementioned moon will be able to provide a bandwidth of up to 75Gbps, allowing broadband internet access to European and African countries.

The Indian satellite GSAT-30 is the 24th satellite launched by Arianespace for ISRO since 1981. It will provide television broadcasts and telephone calls in India, while it should be noted that the Coro Space Airport is affiliated to the European Space Agency and as a result of its proximity to the equator it guarantees a 15% priority The payload is compared to the US Cape Canaveral Space Airport and 40% of Baikonur in Kazakhstan.

On the other hand, China chose to have the first missile launches in 2020, which is a mysterious payload, as the Chinese Space Agency did not reveal the targets of its satellites, and government media and independent analysts made various allegations about the mission goal, as Chinese media reported that the Long March missile 3B sent a satellite into space from the Xichang Space Center in Sichuan Province (southwest China).

According to the American “Space” website, footage from the Chinese media outlet CCTV shows the missile rising to the sky with orange fire flowing downwards, and the media said that the satellite was sent to a geostationary orbit about 22,000 miles (36,000 km) above the earth.


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