The first snapshots of the Doctors ’Microbus accident .. Source: Speed


03:11 PM

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Books – Mohamed El-Sawy:

“Masrawy” obtained photos from the site of a microbus collision carrying doctors in a quarter-car transport on the regional road in Helwan, which killed 3 people – two doctors, a driver, and 17 others, with various injuries.

A security source said that the primary mean indicates that the cause of the regional road accident in Helwan was “excessive speed.”

He added that the men of the General Traffic Department raised the traces of the accident and worked to restore the traffic flow again.

The traffic room was passing by, and it was notified that traffic densities had appeared on the regional road due to a collision.

Immediately, the traffic men moved. On examination, it was found that a collision occurred between a quarter-van and a van carrying 14 doctors to attend a conference of the Ministry of Health.


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