The Football Association resolves the debate about the authenticity of Abdullah Al-Saeed’s goal and his entry into the Hundred Club


Football Association officials revealed the controversy over the calculation of the goal of the Pyramids club against Al-Ittihad of Alexandria in favor of Abdullah Al-Saeed Pyramids player during the match that gathered the two teams today and ended in a positive tie 1/1.

The Football Association officials confirmed that if the ball went to the goal and the goalkeeper touched it by changing its direction, it is calculated for the referee, but if the ball is on its way to the goal and the referee makes a mistake in addressing it, it is calculated for the last player to touch it.

The Football Association officials also revealed that in the event of a controversy over the owner of the goal, the referee will be the opinion holder if there are no pictures or videos that show the opposite of his opinion.

An official source in the Football Association confirmed that the referee of the Pyramids and Alexandrian Federation match, the international Ibrahim Nour El Din calculated the goal in favor of Abdullah Al-Saeed and thus the former Ismaili and Al-Ahly player entered the club of the hundred goals.

The match between Pyramids and the Alexandrian Federation ended in a positive tie 1/1, in the match that was held between them today in the 13th round matches of the league, the goal of Pyramids came through Imad Al-Sayed, the goalkeeper of the Alexandrian Federation goalkeeper by mistake in his own goal to raise a state of controversy, will it be calculated for Abdullah Al-Saeed after payment Corner, or goal by mistake, while Mohammed Anwar, the Alexandrian Federation’s player for his team in the Pyramids’ goal was tied with “heels” in the 50th minute of the two teams match, and the Alexandrian Federation ranked fourth in the league table with 22 points after playing 13 games, he won 6 and drew in 4 He lost like them and scored a player He scored 13 goals and conceded 11 goals, while Pyramids ranked fifth with 20 points after playing 13 games. He won 5 games, drew 5, lost 3 meetings, scored 19 goals, and conceded 15 goals.


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