The former Minister of Supply reveals a surprise about the term of the Military Council


Dr. Jouda Abdel-Khaleq, the former Minister of Supply, revealed that he was not enthusiastic about working with Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi when he took the post of Minister during the period of military rule, as his background on the Marshal was that he was Minister of Defense for 20 years during the era of former President Mubarak.”Abdel-Khalek”, during a special meeting, “The Cup of Coffee” program broadcast on the “Sada Al-Balad” satellite channel, on Thursday evening, that he was dealing with a great deal of caution in the beginning because of his personal opinion, but over time he realized that Field Marshal Tantawi was a respectable man, ” His heart is over the country. ”

The former Minister of Supply added that he resorted to Field Marshal Tantawi in the bread crisis in Upper Egypt because the mills stopped working due to the lack of flour, pointing out that Tantawi himself interfered in the matter and secured the transportation of flour to Upper Egypt governorates, and the mills returned to work, commenting: Because of a shortage of bread. “

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