The free scandal of Haifa Wehbe, businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, is causing a sensation … shocking video!


Social media was uprooted yesterday evening with the news of the Egyptian businessman Ahmad Abu Hashima’s scandal.

In the details, a video of the businessman leaked while talking to a young woman in a video call in a suspicious and strange manner of modesty. While some confirmed the existence of other videos described as “the scandal of the famous businessman Abu Hashima.”

Abu Hashima revealed in the video that he was in a relationship with a large number of actresses, and that he could not continue a relationship with any artist because they are “monsters” as he described it.

In a related development, the official authorities in Egypt reported the arrest of a group that was planning to steal Ahmed’s phone in order to forge videos and photos and subsequently blackmail him, the gang consisting of two men and a woman who managed to steal his sister’s phone after they were unable to steal his phone.

The public, however, questioned the authenticity of this news about the videos being fabricated with the aim of blackmail, because Abu Hashima appeared in the video and there is no room for forgery or manipulation within a campaign that criticizes his actions and statements about the stars.

It is reported that Ahmed was married to the Lebanese artist, Haifa Wehbe, for a period of 6 years. After the divorce took place, Haifa confirmed her remorse for marrying Ahmed, noting that when he married him, Ahmed was an ordinary man, and after the divorce his fame increased and became known.


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