The frequency of the modern Tom and Jerry channel 2020 on Tom and Jerry on Nilesat to watch the most beautiful cartoon films, and cat and mouse episodes


Today we publish the frequency of the modern Tom and Jerry channel 2020 on Nilesat, which is sought by big and small and fans of watching modern and classic cartoon films, especially Disney father films, and this is why we provide you the last Tom and Jerry channel frequency for the new year 2020, and Tom and Jerry channel also provides many films and educational programs For children, Tom and Jerry’s channel became his friend every mother and father to check on their children with it and that it was of a quality paper-based content.

Tom and Jerry talk channel frequency 2020

Tom and jerry channel presents tom and jerry episodes every day offering a special paragraph throughout the day, this is in addition to many famous and entertaining films, both translated and dubbed by the voices of famous artists such as the artist Mohamed Heneidy and the able artist Yahya al-Fakhrani, the artist Abla Kamel and other voices of famous artists .

The most important films shown on the screen of Tom and Jerry channel

Tom and Jerry channel shows a lot of popular and popular cartoon films for everyone, such as Timon and Pumbaa films, which are loved by adults before young children, as well as the movie The Lion King Simba, and the horror film company limited all its parts, and full Tom and Jerry episodes are displayed every day through the channel screen every day.

The frequency of the new Tom and Jerry channel 2020 for free On Nilesat

Through our desert network, we present the frequency of the new Tom and Jerry channel, Tom and Jerry 2019 cartoon on the NileSat satellite, as in the following table: –

Tom and Jerry channel frequency
The satelliteNile Sat
Coding factor27500
Error correction factor5/6


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