The frequency of the new Jordanian Yarmouk satellite channel 2020, which carries the Turkish series Resurrection Othman


The Jordanian satellite channel, Yarmouk, received a lot of searching for its frequency as soon as the channel announced that it would display the events of the famous Turkish series Osman Resurrection, and the Yarmouk channel was able to reap the largest base of followers and viewers, as it wraps around the channel weekly, specifically on Thursday evening every week. .

The frequency of the new Jordan Yarmouk satellite channel 2020

That channel won great and unprecedented fame for it before, due to the time when Yarmouk announced its presentation of the Turkish series Resurrection Osman, which was famous for the past 5 seasons and is being followed by various viewers of all ages and groups, young and old, as it managed to attract a broad base It exceeded one million viewers and followers around it in a very short time.

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Turkish series Resurrection Osman

The Jordanian Yarmouk satellite channel displays the events of the Resurrection Osman series, which is loved and followed by millions of viewers across the Arab world, at exactly 9:00 p.m. Turkish time, and 10 p.m. Dubai time Emirates, Cairo time Egypt at 8 oclock.

The events of the new season of the series “The Resurrection of Othman” follow after the death of Artgrel and the conflict that broke out between Osman Ibn Artgrel and his cousin about assuming the caliphate after the death of Artgrel.


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