The “Girl of Neighbors” singer responds to his accusation of quoting Mohamed’s song


04:32 PM

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Books- Mustafa Hamza:

Festivals singer Omar Kamal rejected his accusation and singer Hassan Shakoush of stealing the tune of their song, “The Girl of Neighbors”, from his song “A Musty Necessity” by the artist Mohamed Hamaki, asserting that what happened was “coming up with ideas.”

On the accusation leveled against them by the composer Mohamed Madian, after Omar Kamal in a special statement to “Masrawy”, he said: “It is possible for the sake of the transmission of ideas that a musical phrase in a song be similar to another song, and this happens a lot, and not only with (the girl of the neighbors) And the song of the artist Mohamed Hamaki, but this does not mean that there is a similarity between the melodies of the two songs, or that there is an infringement of the melody, as the two works are different.

The composer Mohamed Madian announced that he assigned his lawyer, Amir Ghazouli, to take all legal measures against the festival’s sponsors, in order to steal the festival’s tune from his song “A Mustahab” by the artist Mohamed Hamaki, explaining that what happened was clear transgression.

He continued: “I am not against the festivals that you use with respect, and that will have makers and will remain in them with his consent, and you will succeed like songs that Mohammed Ramadan makes, and I myself will send him a blessing, because it is a respectable work, or Oka and Ortega, and many other needs with a lot of normal success, without They did not steal from anyone, but what happened with us is that the song “Hajj Mustahabah” was suddenly transformed.

The Neighbor’s Girl Festival “Bahwaya Enti Ma’aya Base” has reached over 30 million YouTube views, after its release in December 2019, which is the singing of Hassan Shakush and Omar Kamal, the words of Mostafa Hadouta, and the distribution of Islam Sassou.

The song “Hajah Mukhtissebi”, singing by Mohamed Hamaki, lyrics by Mohamed Atef, composed by Mohamed Median, distributed by Ahmed Ibrahim, and released in August 2014, and the number of views on YouTube reached 65 million.


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