The government resolves the debate over the elimination of bread subsidies completely this year (b


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Friday 17 January 2020

Books – Muhammad Ghayat:

The Media Center of the Council of Ministers denied the spread of some websites and social media pages regarding the government’s intention to completely eliminate bread subsidies starting from July 2020.

According to a statement today, Friday, the media center of the Council of Ministers communicated with the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, which denied these reports, confirming that there is no intention to lift support for a loaf of bread, explaining that the state continues to distribute the loaf of subsidized bread to citizens on the five-penny cards without any Increase, in the context of the state’s keenness to facilitate citizens and taking into account those with limited incomes.

The Ministry of Supply said that the government is in the process of studying the system for transferring in-kind support to conditional cash support, in coordination with a number of relevant authorities to agree on mechanisms for their implementation, and this system aims to reduce the leakage of support and ensure that it reaches those who are entitled to it, while the state continues to bear the cost difference in The price of a loaf of bread, and the continued sale of a loaf of bread to citizens at only 5 piasters, without any change in it.

The Ministry pointed out that the supervisory agencies of the Ministry conduct periodic campaigns in all governorates at the level of the Republic to ensure the extent of bakeries ’commitment to spend the citizens share of subsidized bread at specified prices, and necessary measures are taken against violators and manipulators, and the necessary fines and penalties are also signed on bakeries that do not comply Specific specifications for a loaf of bread.

In the end, the Ministry called on all media and social media users to investigate accuracy and objectivity, and make sure before publishing information that is not based on any facts, and leads to the wrath of citizens, and in the event of any complaints related to the high price of bread loaf supported in any governorate of the Republic, please Call the government complaints portal number (16528).

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