The Great Flood Knife Hit Alexandria With Thunderstorms photo


Today, Wednesday, a wave of bad weather swept through the coast of Alexandria, accompanied by torrential rain and a decrease in temperature, in the first days of the Great Flood Coronary.

And accompanied by the nucleus of the Great Flood, which came two days late, southwesterly winds that did not affect the fishing movement or maritime navigation in Alexandria and Dekheila ports so far.The rain caused the accumulation of water in a number of streets, while the sewage company, in coordination with the neighborhoods, the drinking water companies and Nahdet Misr, pushed cars, switches, and emergency teams to the affected areas to drain the water pools to ensure the continuity of traffic fluidity.

Major General Mohamed El Sherif, Governor of Alexandria, announced that the sewer company has increased its maximum preparedness and emergency to deal with the bad weather and the rain.

For his part, Reda El-Ghandour, the spokesperson for Alexandria Port Authority, said that the rains did not affect the marine navigation traffic in Alexandria and Dekheila ports, pointing to the continued movement of entry and exit ships normally.

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