The Guardian: “Trump’s Peace Plan: Fraud, Not a Deal”


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On Thursday morning, the British newspapers continued to focus on the so-called deal of the century, which was announced by US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and analyzed and criticized, both in the editorials of some of them, or through various articles and reports, in others, in their hard copies. And digital alike.

The Guardian published an editorial about her so-called deal of the century that US President Donald Trump put forward with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington, DC.

The newspaper titled the editorial in its digital version, saying “Trump’s peace plan: fraud, not a deal”, while titled in the paper version, “Trump and Netanyahu help themselves, not the peace process.”

The newspaper says, “Trump’s peace plan depends strangely on the Palestinians accepting a state in name only,” adding that “since the Oslo peace negotiations in 1993, there were great hopes that a Palestinian state would be established on most of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, with East Jerusalem as its capital, but Trump’s plan was denied.” For all of this, it reduced the size and distortion of the Palestinian state, so that it no longer had a chance to exist. ”

The newspaper stresses that the plan “includes placing obstacles to prevent the Palestinians from demanding justice in the face of war crimes committed against them and still being committed until now, while Trump, who describes himself as a deal maker, is seeking to offer the Palestinians $ 50 billion in investments in exchange for giving up their civil rights and their right to A homeland, but the Palestinians see an impostor as he does not want to make anything but empty promises. ”

“This deal is an expression of the wishes of extremists in the United States and Israel, and it really ends any hope that Trump will play the mediating role in the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis,” the newspaper added.

The newspaper considers that “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was right when he considered his recent visit to Washington as the best moment in his life. He was warning that Israel would remain in danger if a Palestinian state existed next to it, and it is expected that the Netanyahu government will vote within days of starting annexing settlements in the West Bank. Western and the Jordan Valley. ”

“Not in favor of Israel”

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The Independent Online published an article by Maya Elani, deputy director of the British-Jewish movement (Yishad), which advocates a two-state solution, titled “There is nothing pro-Israel in Trump’s peace plan.”

“The plan in name only supports the principle of a two-state solution, but in reality most conservative analysts assert that it is the best peace plan that Israel could have dreamed of,” Ilani says.

And she adds that the plan “cuts off a third of the West Bank and gives it to Israel, letting the Palestinians live in a group of isolated islands in a sea of ​​Israeli lands.” And it “does not constitute a road map for peace, but rather an ideal distraction and distraction for the service of an American president who faces a parliamentary trial with the aim of isolating him and a prime minister of Israel facing serious accusations of corruption.”

Elani seeks to explain the reasons for her opposition to the plan, noting that Trump gave his blessing to launch an explosive policy that has no support even within Israeli society, because the plan gives Israel land that was never claimed in the West Bank, where less than 5 percent of Israelis live outside the Green Line.

Ilani explains that opinion polls in Israel confirm that most citizens are unwilling and not looking to annex new lands while Trump’s plan will place endless military burdens on the younger generation in Israel for the rest of their lives and this is the reason why most citizens do not support the expansionist settlement movement and support the two-state solution.

Ilani notes that a peace plan discussed by the Americans and the Israelis only will never be a way to resolve the conflict with the Palestinians, as it is a plan that ignores Palestinian priorities and favors Israel with a catastrophic myopia, in fact, many Israeli security analysts believe that it makes the future of Israel vulnerable to great risks unless there is a Palestinian state Present alongside it. ”

“Diplomatic isolation”

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The Daily Telegraph published a report by its correspondent, Rav Sanchez, entitled “The Palestinians are diplomatically isolated among Arab countries that welcome the Trump plan.”

“The Palestinians found themselves in diplomatic isolation after the announcement of the Trump peace deal, amid silence from Arab and European countries, as no country opposed the Trump proposal, which gives Israel the right to annex large areas of the occupied West Bank,” Sanchez said.

“While the conflicting Palestinian factions were united in the face of the Trump plan, they found little support from their Arab allies, as Saudi Arabia and the UAE cautiously welcomed the Trump plan,” Sanchez added.

And he points out that “the regional condemnation came from Turkey and Iran, which are countries known for their hostility to Israel traditionally, and unlike Saudi Arabia and the UAE, they do not have much enthusiasm for conciliatory speeches with Trump.”

He added, “This silence will cause the Palestinians to face Israeli expansionist actions on their own in the coming weeks, which will change the borders in the region in favor of Israel.”

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