The handball team beat Guinea in the kickoff with the African nations that qualify for Tokyo


Egypt won the first team Handball On his Guinean counterpart with a score of 39/22 in the inauguration of the Pharaohs’ Cup in the 24th African Nations Cup, hosted by Tunisia and qualified for the Tokyo Olympics 2020, the first half ended with the national team advancing against Guinea 19/10 in a run that witnessed a remarkable superiority for the Pharaohs.

Egypt will meet in its second meeting tomorrow, Friday, with the Kenya national team, and the Egyptian team will conclude the first round matches on January 19 against the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Egyptian team is seeking to restore the title of African Nations, which was absent from the previous version held by Gabon, as the last title won by Egypt The year 2016 came .

The technical staff of the national team demanded its players the need to impose control since the first meeting to deliver a message to all teams that the goal of the Pharaohs is to harvest the title that he lost in the last edition that was held in Gabon and Egypt is located in the 24th African Nations Championship in Tunisia in the first group with the teams of Guinea, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Kenya, and the group includes The second teams are Angola, Gabon, Libya and Nigeria, while Tunisia is in the third group with the teams of Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire and Cape Verde. The fourth group includes the teams of Algeria, Morocco, Congo and Zambia..

The list of players includes: Karim Hindawi, Issam Al-Tayyar, Mohamed Ali for goal guard, and each of Muhammad Sanad, Akram Yousry in the center of the right wing, Ahmed Al-Ahmar, Yahya Khaled and Mohsen Ramadan in the right-back center, Ahmed Khairy, Saif Al-Daraa and Ahmed Hisham Al-Sayed in the playmaker center. Yahya Al-Deraa, Ali Zain and Hassan Kaddah live in the center of the left-back, Omar Bakkar and Ahmed Moamen in the center of the left wing. In the center of the circle, the technical director chose 5 players: Ibrahim Al-Masry, Mamdouh Hashem, Wissam Nawar, Ahmed Adel and Khaled Walid, while the mission is headed by Moamen Safa, the treasurer of the Federation.


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