The head of “East Gas” on calling for a Turkish-Egyptian agreement: “He was poisoned in the world


10:44 PM

Monday 13 January 2020

Books – Mohamed Gomaa:

Engineer Muhammed Shuaib, CEO of “East Gas” company, said that Turkey knows very well the lack of enforceability of the agreement it signed with the Libyan government of Al-Sarraj.

Shuaib added, during a telephone conversation with the media to Mays Al-Hadidi, on the “Cairo Now” program broadcast on the “Al-Hadath” satellite channel, on Monday evening, that Turkey wants to control the East Mediterranean gas, to move through it to Europe, and it also needs to secure its needs from Gas, because it is not a country that produces it.

On the invitation of Yassin Aktai, Advisor to Turkish President Erdogan, to sign an agreement between Egypt and Turkey to divide the borders in the Mediterranean Sea to benefit from gas “for the benefit of the two countries”, Shuaib said that the Turkish claim that re-dividing the maritime borders will benefit Egypt is “pure falsehood”. .. And poison to poison in honey, “stressing that Egypt respects its promises and can not exceed its maritime borders.

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