The head of the Tunisian stadium reveals the truth about the transfer of Mbienza to Al-Ahly Club … video


Mr. Jalal Issa, head of the Tunisian stadium, revealed the fact that Al-Ahly negotiated with his club to include the financial striker, showing the ranks of the Red Fort in the ongoing winter transfers.

“Jalal” said in statements to the “Match” program presented by the media, Hani Hathout, on “Echo Al Balad” channel: “There were no negotiations with Al-Ahly about Mpinza, the player has officially moved to Bruges.”

Tunisian reports confirmed the transfer of Congolese striker Jay Mbenza, player of the Tunisian stadium team, to the Belgian team, Bruges, in the current winter transfers.

According to the Tunisian “Nessma” website, the Tunisian stadium management has reached an official agreement with the Belgian Bruges administration, which requires the transfer of striker Guy Mbenza for 450 thousand euros.

The Tunisian stadium will receive 10% of the transfer deal shown from Circle Bruges to any other team.

And press reports indicated that the Tunisian stadium received the two offers, from Al-Ahly and another from Pyramids.

The Congolese striker participated in 12 games, scoring 6 goals and making one goal, of which only 6 were mainly, with the Tunisian stadium, to occupy the top scorer in the Tunisian League.


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