The high price of gold today in Egypt and 21 caliber is 686 pounds per gram


The price of gold today, Thursday, in Egypt, increased by two pounds for 21 caliber, which is the best-selling and most popular in Egypt, to reach 686 pounds per gram without workmanship, while the price of gold ounces rose to 1555 dollars, an increase of 0.14%

Gold prices today.

18 carat records 588 pounds per gram.

Caliber 21 records 686 pounds per gram.

Caliber 24 recorded 784 pounds per gram.

The gold pound today is 5488 pounds.

An ounce of gold is $ 1555.

Gold prices fell to their lowest levels in nearly two weeks on Tuesday as improved risk appetite due to Chinese economic data came out better than expectations and the imminent signing of a preliminary trade agreement between the United States and China, according to Reuters.

In another context, Dr. Wadih Anton, a member of the Precious Metals Division, believes that gold prices in Egypt did not stabilize much during Wednesday’s transactions, as the precious metal in Egypt was affected by the increase in international prices, indicating that the yellow metal in Egypt is vulnerable to the occurrence of high prices during the coming hours But he also sees that if there is an American-Chinese rapprochement with regard to the commercial escalation between the two countries, prices are likely to fall globally and locally.

Asian stocks rose on signs of goodwill between the two largest economies in the world as they prepare to sign an agreement that will represent a truce in the 18-month customs dispute that has turned the global economy upside down.

And the US Treasury dropped last Monday, describing China as a currency manipulator, indicating further improvement in relations

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said the Chinese translation of the agreement has almost expired and will be announced before the signing ceremony on Wednesday.

But there are continuing concerns that this does not mark the end of the trade war that has troubled global markets for the past year and a half.

Data from China showed exports rose for the first time in five months in December, while imports also exceeded expectations.


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