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Monday 13 January 2020

The Egyptian street witnessed many facts during the past hours, as witnessed by the corridors of the courts today, Monday, considered some cases that occupy public opinion.

Masrawy provides a brief bulletin on the most prominent of these issues, as follows:

The death of a young man who fell from a train in Abu Nomros

A young man was killed today, Monday, after falling from a train at the Abu Nomros Center.

The head of the Abu Nomros Police Department received a signal from the Najda Police to find the body of a young man at Manial Shiha Station in the Central Department.

After the Facebook campaign .. Security reveals the fact that the rain girl disappeared

The security services in Cairo revealed the details of the disappearance of Al-Matareya girl, after her story was widely circulated on social media, and launched an expanded campaign on Facebook to find her.

They are led by a Palestinian woman. The imprisonment of 8 persons accused of trafficking in human organs

The Public Prosecution Office ordered that an international network of 8 individuals be imprisoned for 15 days pending investigations, accusing them of trafficking in human organs.

And the Administrative Control Authority was able to arrest the accused for trafficking in human organs under the leadership of a Palestinian woman, who works to fabricate and forge documents attributed to government agencies.

“I had 20 pounds in my hands.” The 19-year-old killed her old lover with a knife and tore it again

Sensational confessions made by a girl in front of the investigation men, to accuse her of killing an elderly woman who was hesitating to live in her residence in the Giza area.

The accused, “Israa, 19,” said that the victim (62 years old) lured her to his house near her home on the pretext of helping him or buying some household necessities before an emotional relationship developed between them.

In the case of the relatives’ inheritance case, misdemeanors require that Majdi Abdel-Ghani be imprisoned for a year

Today, Monday, the Dokki Court of Misdemeanor sentenced Magdy Abdelghani, a member of the former Football Association Council, and others to one year in prison in absentia, and a bond of 2000 pounds, to stop the execution of the ruling, and fined him 100,000 pounds for refraining from handing over the inheritance to his relatives.

They kidnapped a citizen in exchange for a ransom … The trial of a neurotic formation was postponed to January 15th

The Cairo Criminal Court, held in the Fifth Settlement, on Monday, adjourned the trial of a nervous formation of 8 persons, accused of stealing a coerced citizen in New Cairo, for the January 15 session to defend the defense.

The defendants are: “Saud A., Ghazi A., Muhammad I., Khaled A., Khaled A., Fareej A., Youssef F., and Salem S.”

“What I do not know now” … Confessions of a girl accused of killing her neighbor with 17 stab wounds in Giza

The suspect accused of killing a driver inside his house with 17 stabs throughout his body, made detailed confessions in front of the Giza Department Prosecution, which lasted for nearly 9 hours, and ended with the decision to imprison her for 4 days pending investigations.

The suspect said in the prosecution’s investigations, that she had met her neighbor (the victim), several months ago, noting that they had met several times, during which he had been delusional about his desire to marry her, and asked to meet her in his apartment, which is located opposite the property.

An electrician was killed while digging for antiquities in the oases

A worker was electrocuted while digging for archeology surreptitiously under a house in the Bahariya Oasis center.

October Sector Director received a signal from the rescue operations room to find the body of a worker inside a hole in a house in the Marine Oasis Department.

Wednesday .. Completion of the defense case in the “Egypt Station Accident” case

North Cairo Criminal Court, held in the Courts Complex in Abbasiya, today, Monday, postponed the trial of 14 defendants in the Misr train accident, for the next January 15 session, to complete the case for the seventh suspect.

Still a virgin .. Surprises at the death of an elderly girl by 17 stab wounds in Giza

Investigations by the security services at the Giza Security Directorate, headed by Major General Mahmoud al-Sabili, revealed surprises in the killing of a Steny driver by a girl.

The beginning is due to Colonel Mohamed Salama, the warden of the Giza department, a signal from the Najda police that an unpleasant smell is being emitted from an apartment in the department’s department.

After 8 incidents, a nervous formation fell to steal the belongings of citizens in Dekheila

Alexandria security forces arrested members of a neurotic group specialized in committing incidents of theft of citizens’ belongings in Dekheila.

The information and investigations of the public security sector, and the Criminal Investigation Department of the Alexandria Security Directorate, reported that 3 persons (unemployed, a driver – “with criminal information” – residents of the Dekheila Police Department) set up a neurological formation among them that specialized in committing incidents of theft of citizens’ belongings by kidnapping Using the vehicle “Tuk Tuk”, the king and driving of the “driver”, they are taken from the Dekheila Police Department Department as a place to carry out their criminal activities.

Dealings of 150 million pounds … The fall of a neurotic formation to launder money in Matrouh

Drug Control and Organized Crime succeeded in arresting 8 accused persons in Matrouh Governorate, who laundered 150 million pounds as a result of their criminal activities in the field of drug trafficking.

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