The injury has kept the “old lady” defender out of the field for at least six months


The injury is a cannon

Juventus announced that his Turkish defender, comfortable, Demirel, underwent surgery, on Tuesday, after suffering a serious injury to his left knee on Sunday, which would take him out of the field between six and seven months.

“The reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament and the restoration of the articular cartilage from the left knee are ideally done,” Juventus said in a press release.

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The statement added: “The time required for optimal recovery is between six to seven months.”

This statement confirms that the Demirel season is over, and that he will not be able to participate in the Euro 2020 European Cup this summer with his country.

Demirel was injured, the day before yesterday, Sunday, in the match that his team won against Rome (2-1), in which he contributed to the first goal.

Source: AFP


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