The International Space Station is adjusting its orbit soon … know the details


Sources at the Ross Cosmos Foundation revealed that the orbit of the International Space Station will be modified soon, and according to the sources, “The orbit of the station will be modified twice on January 23, to be suitable for the Soyuz MS-13 landing process, and it will be used in the process of modification.” Orbit engines of the Russian Progress Vehicle MS-13 docking with the station, as the engines will start the first run at 17:30 Moscow time, operating for 564 seconds, according to Russia today.

While the second round of engines will start at 20:38 Moscow time, to operate for 282 seconds, and contribute to adjusting the orbit of the station again, it is assumed that Soyuz MS-13 will separate from the space station to land to Earth carrying the Russian astronaut, Alexander Skvortsov, the Italian pioneer, Luca Parmenato, and the American, Christina Cook.

The Russians, Alexander Skfurtsov and Oleg Scribuchka, the Italian, Luca Parmitano, NASA Pioneers, Jessica Meir, Christina Cook and Andrew Morgan are currently on board.

It is reported that recently Russian and European engineers confirmed the success of the reforms they described as “open-heart surgery” for the computer on which the International Space Station operates, as teams from both the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos and the European Space Agency (ESA) developed a method that enables an astronaut on board to update Computers that keep the International Space Station on the right track and in the right place, known collectively as “administrative system data”.

According to the American “space” website, it is an important task that the European Space Agency representatives described in a statement as equivalent to open-heart surgery on the ground, as engineers on the ground planned and tested the process carefully before implementing it in space to ensure that repair work could be performed on the site without being It poses no danger to the spacecraft or its inhabitants.


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