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Wednesday 15 January 2020

Books – Mohamed El-Sawy:

The security services at Qalubiya Security Directorate revealed the circumstances of the finding of the body of the “Tok Talk” driver in the Shubra Al-Khaima neighborhood, and it was found that his wife and lover were responsible for the accident.

A report was filed to the second police station in Shubra El-Kheima at the Security Directorate of Qaliubiya, a report that found the body of a “driver-tock-resident in the Sharkawyah district in the department’s department” in Izbat al-Nahhas district in Bahtim district in the department’s department, and had several separate stabs, and found the folds of his clothes on his wallet and inside his “identity card” – A sum of money – keys, “and what his wife – a housewife, determined by the same title – decided that her husband would go out to work on a” tuk tuk “vehicle to drive him and not return.

A criminal investigation team was formed with the participation of the Public Security Sector and the Criminal Investigation Department of the Directorate of Security of Qaliubiya, whose efforts resulted in the perpetration of the incident “bakery owner – in the Arab Unity Region in the Department of the Department”.

After the codification of the procedures, the accused was targeted, he could be caught, and upon his confrontation he confessed to committing the incident motivated to get rid of the victim, in agreement with his wife due to the differences between them, so they resolved to get rid of him by killing him, and the accused added that he had lured the victim to the alleged dinner together, and went to the place to find The corpse, after their arrival, finished him and beat him with a white weapon “knife”, causing his injuries, and subsequently led the victim’s “tuk tuk” and hid it in one of the side streets near the scene of the accident, disposing of the knife used to commit the incident Palle Loyal to one bank, then we go to the second place of residence of the accused “wife of the victim,” and handed over to your mobile phone to the victim to hide for fear of compromising ordered them.

By targeting the wife of the victim, it was possible to seize it, and by confronting it according to the confessions of the first defendant, it acknowledged it, and they recognized their previous agreement to kill her husband, “the victim”, and they were instructed to seize the “Tok, the telephone, of the victim.”

The necessary legal measures have been taken.

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