The last words of the late artist Ibrahim Farah, the hero of Khawaja Abdul Qadir


The famous artist Ibrahim Farah, Sheikh Abdel Qader, died yesterday at the age of 68 in the intensive care room in a private hospital, and his daughter announced the news of his death, but did not announce the date of the funeral.

The last words of the artist Ibrahim Farah

The artist Ibrahim Farah died yesterday and one of his most famous phrases was: “Love governs … Love conceals … Love is an amazing secret. Every love relates to a reason that goes away with the disappearance of the reason. Love means what works because of it, but it is the same as the cause of existence, even if for some reason it will go away, the beloved Habib, because she is neither beautiful nor generous nor gentle, Habib only, even if he is forbidden, after or absent

There are a large number of people who do not know the true name of Ibrahim Farah, but they do know it as the name of Sheikh Abdul Qadir, whose features were characterized by light and honesty.

Many people believed that the artist Ibrahim Farah was of Sudanese origin due to his skill in the Sudanese accent that appeared in the Sheikh Abdel Qader series, but he responded to this by saying, “I am from Aswan, but I am a native of Mrs. Zainab and my father was a simple employee of the Ministry of Agriculture.”

And he affirmed his love for acting and art in small phrases, where he said: “Acting is very small in my blood, and my family used to love art. My grandfather used to play the lute, and my father had a beautiful voice. My brothers are highly educated and love art. ”

Ibrahim Farah’s last words were, “Acting is my only breath. If I stop him, I will die and dream of embodiment of Othellos personality.”


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