The latest frequency signal for the Tom and Jerry children’s satellite channel Tom and Jerry to watch cartoon satellite movies


Finally, the best channels favored by children appeared. Now the frequency of the new Tom and Jerry channel can be received, Tom and Jerry cartoon channel, where the channel has found a decent place on the interests of the Egyptian family with children’s channels that provide interesting cartoon films and their favorite children’s songs. Enjoying the frequency of the Tom and Jerry channel, and with the growing search for the frequency of the Tom and Jerry channel, we decided to prepare this report on the channel, its frequency and how to receive it

Tom and Jerry channel frequency on Nilesat

It is worth noting that Tom and Jerry channel is one of the best channels for the child by watching cartoon movies, cat and mouse in comic scenes that bring joy and happiness to the Arab child, as Tom and Jerry sit on the throne of children’s cartoon films since the start of the Tom and Jerry series decades ago and until now, and currently Enjoy all day long uninterrupted new Tom and Jerry channel frequency

Tom & Jerry channel frequency TOM AND JERRY

Satellite: Nilesat.

Frequency: 11354

Polarization: horizontal

Coding: 27500

Correction coefficient: ⅚

Among the best programs and cartoon films on the Tom and Jerry channel are the cartoon movie Fish Nemo and the Ice Queen movie, the cartoon movie The Lion King, cartoon film Timon and Pumbaa, as well as the Tom and Jerry series and many people follow it, whether old or young, as it has many followers

Tom and Jerry channel is also one of the most important channels currently that many viewers in the Arab world follow, as the channel is characterized by the interesting programs offered by the channel from educational programs in addition to the entertainment programs that the channel displays on its screen.


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