The Lebanese judiciary settles the controversy over the videos of the murder of Nancy Ajram’s villa .. Details


A high-ranking source in the Lebanese judiciary revealed that home video surveillance cameras Nancy Ajram It is not fabricated, as the family and defense of the murdered Syrian Muhammad Hassan al-Musa claimed, pointing out that the phone of Nancy Ajram and her husband Fadi al-Hashem were examined after the incident the next day. Yesterday, Wednesday, Lebanese reports said that the Lebanese judiciary directed Fadi Al-Hashem, the artist’s husband Nancy AjramCharge of “intentional killing”, after the accident of he shot a Syrian person in their house two weeks ago.

According to the Lebanese News Agency: “Judge Ghada Aoun allegedly committed the crime of intentional killing against Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, the husband of the actress Nancy Ajram, in Article 547 extending to Article 229 which states that” The perpetrator shall not be punished for an act that necessity forced him to pay for himself or for Others or his property or the property of others are a grave and imminent danger that he did not intentionally cause, provided that the act is proportionate and dangerous.

Judge Ghada Aoun’s decision will mean that Dr. Fadi Al Hashim, the artist’s husband, is waiting Nancy Ajram, A 15-year sentence in the event of the premeditated murder, or an innocence awaits him in the event that what he did is in self-defense.

The Lebanese judge, Ghada Aoun, referred the file to the first investigative judge in Mount Lebanon.


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