The Libyan army reveals the reason for Erdogan’s anger at the failure of the Russia agreement


The Director of the Department of Moral Guidance of the Libyan National Army, Major General Khaled Mahgoub, revealed the reasons for Turkey’s true anger at the failure of the Moscow agreement and the refusal of the army chief, Khalifa Haftar, to sign it.Al-Mahjoub said in statements to “”: “Turkey tried to gain its security and maritime agreement with the head of the reconciliation government, Fayez al-Sarraj, an official legitimacy during the Moscow agreement, so our signing of the agreement meant recognition of the legitimacy of the reconciliation government, and thus recognition of the validity of its signing of the security and maritime agreement with Turkey, which we did not and will not allow, so Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan rebelled, and he was very angry at the Libyan army chief’s refusal to sign the agreement.

He added: “Do not negotiate with the outgoing Al-Sarraj government and its mandate because any negotiation with it is recognition of its fallen legitimacy,” noting that “the Libyan army will not retreat from the gains it made on the ground, and will not stop fighting until the liberation of all Libyan lands from terrorist militias,” Supported by Turkey and the Brotherhood, and effectively controls the decisions of the reconciliation government led by al-Sarraj.

He continued: “Hifter and the Libyan army totally reject the existence of any Turkish role in any negotiations, given that Ankara is an enemy and a country that supports militias and continues to send advisors and mercenaries to fight the Libyans and the national army.”

And he added, “The General Command of the Libyan Army has set conditions for resolving the Libyan crisis, including the necessity to dismantle the militias and hand over their weapons so that the Brotherhood’s trick does not happen as happened in the Skhirat Agreement, where they agreed to dismantle the militias and the government obtaining the approval of Parliament, which did not happen after that.” , Stressing that “the Libyan army and people will not bite twice from the hole and will not agree to repeat what happened in Skhirat or allow the militia to continue to exist and arm it.”

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