The man accused of killing his mother confesses: “In a relationship with a young man 20 years her younger” – accidents


The young man accused of killing his mother at the Gerga Center, located in Sohag Governorate, made detailed confessions about his crime while he was appearing before the Public Prosecution today. The accused, who is 20 years old, said that he got rid of the victim, 45, in retaliation for her misbehavior and the multiplicity of her relationship with young people in the region, noting that he had been staying with his mother since her separation from his father, 3 years ago, and recently he was hearing His mother is talking about sexual calls with young people, pointing out that he has always been quarrels with her because of this.

Defendant: My mother is in a sinful relationship with a young man 20 years her younger

The defendant said that he learned that his mother had an illegal relationship with a young man 20 years younger than her, where he used to visit her at home during his absence, so he decided to get rid of her: “I used to hear many words from people in the area that in a young man who came to my mother’s house and would prefer it with her for a long time in my absence. When I confronted her, Lea admitted that she was in a relationship with him .. I was unable to hold myself .. I caught the owl and preferred to strike in it to some extent, she broke her brain for two texts .. Then the body was paralyzed and threw it in front of the house .. She called the rescue and reached out that my mother fell from the roof of the house and died .. But The detective revealed the truth. ”

After recording the confessions of the accused, the prosecution issued a decision to imprison him for 4 days, pending investigations, and charged him with premeditated murder, and the prosecution requested investigations of the investigation into the incident, and investigations are still ongoing.

Find the mother’s body

The investigations and investigations of the security services that were conducted with the knowledge of public security sector officers, in coordination with the Criminal Investigation Department in Sohag, under the supervision of Major General Aladdin Salim, First Assistant Minister of the Interior for the Public Security Sector, stated that Major General Hassan Mahmoud, Director of Sohag Security, received a notification from the Sheriff of the Gerga Police Center, stating A signal has been received from the General Hospital, with the arrival of “Zainab A.A.,” 45 years old, a housewife, and the center’s center is assessing a “dead body” claiming the fall from altitude.

As soon as the communication was received, a security force moved from the mabahith under the supervision of Major General Abdel Hamid Abu Musa, the director of the Sohag Investigation Department, and Colonel Ahmed Shawky, the head of the branch, and Lt. Col. Izzat Suleiman, the head of the Gerga Center’s investigation, to the hospital. The corpse debate took place, and the examination showed that there were traces of bruises and abrasions in various parts of the The body of the victim, as a result of being beaten, indicates a criminal suspicion.

The murderous son

The investigations that took place under the supervision of Major General Hassan Mahmoud, director of Sohag Security, and Major General Abdel Hamid Abu Musa, director of the Sohag Investigations Department, found that the son of the deceased, “Al-Husseini A.A.”, 20, a worker, residing in the same area, assaulted his mother by beating with a stick of Shum which resulted About her injury and death. The suspect was arrested, and on his face he confessed to committing the incident because of his mother’s misconduct, indicating that he had disposed of her body in a bank adjacent to their home. The forces recorded the accused’s confessions, and he was referred to the prosecutor who issued his previous decision.

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