“The martyr of Shahama” .. Today is the first session to resume the trial of the killers of “Mahmoud Al-Banna”


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On Tuesday, the Shebin El-Kom Criminal Court for the child hears the first appeals hearing in the case of the martyr Shahamah Mahmoud Al-Banna, after she issued her previous ruling last December with a prison sentence and 2 of the accused 15 years and the last defendant 5 years, and the ruling came with a difference of 64 days (4 sessions) between them Among the first court hearings, after the Attorney General decided to refer the accused, Mohamed Ashraf Abdel-Ghani Rajeh, and 3 others for trial, for committing a felony, who deliberately killed the victim, Mahmoud Mohamed Said Al-Banna.

This case occupied the public opinion for more than two months, and the beginning was on Wednesday, October 9, 2019, when the Irrigation Engineering Street in Tala City witnessed at three in the afternoon the first accused Muhammad Ashraf Abdul Ghani Rajeh transgressed his plot on Mahmoud Al-Banna the victim, which led to his death with the help of 3 others, who are The second accused, Mustafa al-Mihi, the third, Islam Awad, and the fourth, Islam al-Bukh, where the three defendants surrendered to the center of the Tala and Al-Shuhada Company, and arrested the fourth suspect at dawn the following day.

The police report and the report were edited by the head of the Tala Investigation Department, which stated that, by discussing the defendants, they all confessed to committing the incident and causing the victim’s injury, which led to his death, that the accused Rajeh assaulted the victim and incidents of his injury using his pamphlet, and that he intends to intend to agree with the defendants prior to the occurrence of a verbal altercation Between him and the victim, on the same day, the prosecution began its investigations with the three accused, and the forensic report came after the autopsy of the victim that the death occurred as a result of a deep segmental injury to the left thigh that caused the main artery to be severed and bleeding that led to A sharp drop in blood circulation.

After referring the accused Attorney General Mohamed Ashraf Abdel-Ghani Rajeh and 3 others for trial for a felony deliberately killing the victim, Mahmoud Mohamed Said Al-Banna, the first trial session came on October 20, where the defendants are being tried in the Child Criminal Court in Shebeen El-Koum amid an intense security presence, Lawyers for the defendants demanded that the case be postponed for review, and the defendant’s lawyers demanded that all the official papers that determine the true age of the defendants be extracted, and after confirming the true age of the defendants, the defendant’s lawyers demanded that the maximum penalty be imposed on them for premeditated murder.

Mohamed al-Banna, the victim’s father, said that “my only request in the name of my family, which consists of millions of people, is retribution from the four to death.” He added that “the fourth suspect is a key partner in the case. They killed my son in an unforgiving manner, and I have great hope that the case will be a beginning.” To amend the juvenile law so that every day we do not have anything new. ”

While the defendants’ attorneys filed their case, according to the accusation against him, whereby Waheed Keshk, the lawyer of the first accused, Mohamed Rajeh, accused of killing the student Mahmoud Al-Banna, before the child criminal court in Shebin Al-Koum, that the incident “does not go beyond being a beating that led to death”, while Atef Jamal El Din, the lawyer of the second accused, Mustafa A., denied that his client was a partner in the killing.

Alaa Attia, the lawyer of the third defendant, “Islam A.”, argued before the court that “there is no inevitable evidence of the premeditated intention of his client, as well as his lack of participation in the pillars of the crime on its entirety,” and that “his client did not have a weapon according to what came in the investigations.” And the investigations of the detective, ”which denies the charge of killing his client.

Ahmed Gabr, the lawyer for the fourth suspect, “Islam A.” “, demanded that all the accusations against his client be committed from premeditated murder in order to have an independent accusation which is” helping the accused to escape “, adding that” this is the reality and the constant of the videos, and that his client has a different punitive text. ” According to Article 145 of the Penal Code, which stipulates that anyone who helps the perpetrators to flee, he / she shall be punished by imprisonment.

While last December’s verdict session witnessed a dispute between the lawyer of the fourth suspect after his client’s verdict and the victim’s father, who shouted in the hall saying “What countries are living and my son dying”, while “Rajeh” collapsed in tears until he left the court after he was sentenced and placed in a prison prison Natron

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