The Medical Syndicate announces the death of the third female doctor from the victims of the Minya accident


The Youth Committee of the General Union of Doctors announced the death of Dr. Nora Kamal, one of the female doctors injured as a result of the Minya accident, today, Friday, expressing sincere sadness and sorrow to the family of the doctor, and all the young doctors, expressing her condolences, calling for the rest of the injured to be released safely and to be cured Ali Khair.

The Youth Committee of the General Union of Physicians said, in a statement, issued just a moment ago: We will not leave the right of our colleagues who wasted their lives to intransigence, oppression and abuse from the Ministry of Health.

This came in conjunction with the start of the meeting of the General Union of Doctors, and the heads of the sub-syndicates of doctors in the governorates, to observe a minute’s mourning for the souls of the martyrs of the accident, and to meet to discuss urgent cases for doctors, led by the Menia doctors accident and its repercussions.

An official source at the Ministry of Health and Population confirmed that Dr. Hala Zayed was charged with financial compensation for the victims of the Minya women’s accident and the families of the martyrs, and that decent work opportunities will be provided for the injured in the Ministry as well as the families of the deceased.

Today, the Ministry of Health and Population revealed the stability of the case of female doctors who were injured in the Minya accident, which occurred yesterday, Wednesday, 4 deaths and 17 injured, and the sources said that the cases receive full care in the Nasser Institute and once their cases improve, they will be written to them on exit.

An official source at the Ministry of Health and Population told “The Seventh Day”, that the training course devoted to the implementation of the Women’s Health Initiative continues to take place and all doctors are receiving training to complete the initiative’s activity aimed at examining 28 million women in the Republic for breast cancer screening.

The source added: “We have not transferred any doctor included in the initiative to the investigation until now, and we will follow up the situation in full. Our goal now is the health of the doctors and you are back in their safe country.”

Dr. Khaled Mujahid, adviser to the Minister of Health and Population for Media Affairs and the official spokesperson of the ministry, had announced that the accident resulted in the death of 4 people, including two female doctors, a driver, and a worker, and injured 17 others from the men and women doctors who were heading from Minya Governorate.

Mujahid revealed that the Minister of Health and Population took important decisions following this tragic incident, as she decided to include the parents of the two deceased women doctors for the Hajj medical mission for this year, and to give their names to the two medical units they were working in in their honor.


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