The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is negotiating with a British delegation to reach a new partnership agreement with Britain


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The Ambassador received Dr. Badr Abdel-Aty, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for European Affairs, Chairman of the National Working Group on reaching a partnership agreement with Britain, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a high-level British delegation headed by Martin Duffy, the chief British negotiator on the Middle East and North Africa, as part of the third round of negotiations On reaching a partnership agreement between Egypt and Britain, which represents a treaty framework for trade relations between the two countries after the British exit from the European Union.

The third round of negotiations came with the participation of representatives of all ministries and relevant authorities in Egypt and Britain, where the round work between the two sides focused on all files related to the new draft agreement, in a way that ensures the continued entry of Egyptian goods and products to the British market and regulates trade and economic relations between the two countries, taking into account the imminent exit To the United Kingdom from the European Union. During the negotiations, the focus was on studying ways to develop and deepen bilateral cooperation relations in various fields after completing the British exit process from the European Union in the light of the importance of economic and trade relations between the two countries and the fact that Britain is the first foreign investor in Egypt.

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