The Ministry of Interior: arrested 4 students who stole the Wi-Fi network in a school


01:33 PM

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Books – Alaa Omran:

The security services in Dakahlia Security Directorate arrested 4 students and the driver of the “Tok Talk” vehicle for stealing devices belonging to a school in Sherbin.

The Sherbeen police station in the Dakahlia Security Directorate, received a notification from (the director of one of the schools located in the center’s department) that he discovered the theft (8 devices for strengthening the Wi-Fi network in the school “Access Point”) from inside (8 classrooms in the school) and the absence of the effects of violence in the doors and windows.

A criminal investigation team was formed with the participation of the Public Security Sector and the Criminal Investigation Department of the Dakahlia Security Directorate. His efforts resulted in the identification of the perpetrators of the incident (they are 4 students of the school referred to, residing in the center’s department).

After codifying the procedures, they were targeted and caught, and by facing them, they confessed that they committed to wanting not to take the exams using the tablet, and decided to carry out the history of the incident by entering the classes by climbing the rear pipes without opening the doors in conjunction with (the driver “Tok Talk”, resident of the Center’s department) and targeting him as possible. He was arrested, and by confronting the confessions of the arrested suspects, he admitted it and admitted that he participated in the perpetration of the incident using his “Tok Tuk” vehicle.

The defendants were instructed to seize all the stolen vehicles and the “tuk tuk” vehicle used to commit the incident, and legal measures were taken.

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