The Ministry’s checks are simple, the last of what the Minya doctor wrote before she died in the cream accident


Dr. Noura Kamal, one of the injured female doctors, died today as a result of the Minya Doctors accident, as the third victim after the two doctors, Samah Nabil and Rania Muharram. Also read:

The Youth Committee of the General Union of Doctors expressed sincere sadness and sorrow to the family of the doctor, and all the young doctors, expressing their condolences warmly, calling for the rest of the injured to come out safe and be recovered for good.The preliminary medical report of the Nasser Institute for Research and Treatment revealed the case of Dr. Nora Kamal Abdel Latif upon her arrival after she and her colleagues had an accident on the way to creams that the deceased doctor was suffering from brain hemorrhage, fracture of the pelvis and left thigh.

And we monitor the last thing that Dr. Nora Kamal recorded on the social networking site Facebook before her travel: “We prayed at dawn, going to the conference because of the women’s health campaign. Because the WHO does not talk to us, and may God grant success and help. ”

On its official page on the eleventh of January this year, she wrote, “Oh God, feed my father with the blessings of your paradise, as we fed us with the bounties of your world … Oh God, you are the owner of travel” On the same night in the evening, the doctor wrote, may God not bear my mother’s concern, even if it was of a feather weight.

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