The moment of the death of the “martyr of chivalry” at the hands of two thugs in Dakahlia (video)


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Surveillance cameras were monitored on the road of Talkha – Sherbin in Dakahlia, when a young man was run over under the wheels of a car while he was chasing two young men who stole a bag of a woman and escaped fleeing in “Tok Tok”.

The video clip showed a “tuk tuk” walk at high speed while “motorcycle” was trying to catch up with it, and suddenly the “motorcycle” leader fell on the ground, and was run over by a “quarter truck” coming in the opposite direction.

Major General Fadil Ammar, Director of Dakahlia Security, had received notification from Major General Sayyid Sultan, Director of the Investigation, that a notification had been received from the Talkha police from the people of Talkha that a citizen had been injured in a “Tok Talk” collision and a car.

The ambulance and the intelligence officers of Talkha were transported. Upon examination, the death of Mahmoud Ibrahim Mahmoud Ibrahim al-Aziri, 30, resident of the village of Mit Antar, in the center of Talkha, was killed.

Witnesses said that while a woman called, “Girlfriend,” was heading. P. M », a teacher, to her workplace, two people who were traveling“ Tok Tok ”kidnapped her handbag from in front of Al-Awadi Street in Talkha, and the woman sought help from the pedestrians, so the victim rode his“ motorcycle ”and left his workplace in a cafeteria and chased the perpetrators on the road of“ Talkha – Sherbin ” ».

The witnesses added that during the chase, one of the two young men who kicked the victim from inside the “Tuk Tuk” fell and fell on the ground to be run over by a “quarter truck” that was traveling on the opposite side, which led to his death.

The eyewitnesses indicated that the perpetrators managed to escape with a “tuk tuk” and the stolen bag, and the families called the victim the title “martyr of gallantry” after he lost his life in response to a woman’s distress.

The Public Prosecution decided to deposit the corpse, the mortuary of the Mansoura International Hospital, for an autopsy and to explain the cause of death, and it quickly ordered the arrest and bringing of the perpetrators.

The people spread the body of the deceased in a state of anger and sadness, stressing that the victim got married only 10 days ago, and he is known for his gallantry and helping others.

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