The most important Russian email has stopped working. Find out why


Face the largest email in Russia Mail.Ru Since the morning of January 27, technical problems, and the Russian server experts have recorded at 11.24 hours about 16,000 reports of malfunction in the e-mail, and experts said that the problems began at ten in the morning when users of the cities of Moscow, Irkutsk, Pskov and Ufa complained about the impossibility of opening e-mail as well For users of some CIS cities.

Users indicated that the “Error 500” icon appears on the computer screen and an alert stating that mail is temporarily unavailable for technical reasons, and some users have complained that the server also provides information stating the absence of the requested mailbox.

It is worth noting that the Russian e-mail name was previously involved with a problem with Facebook, as a company Mail.Ru The Russian creates applications that have access to user data Facebook Even after blocking one of its applications in 2015.

Facebook recently disclosed in a written testimony to the US Congress that Mail.Ru She built multiple apps built into Facebook, and she was one of a handful of app makers who were given some additional powers, according toCNN AndWired, Was granted Mail.Ru An additional two weeks of access to user data in 2015.

A company was foundedMail.Ru’s On hand Alisher Usmanov He is a Russian businessman with ties to the Kremlin, and reports indicate that this company was part of the Russian government’s plan to use Facebook poorly to sow misleading information and propaganda during the 2016 US presidential election.

What’s more, the company is the former CEO Mail.Ru Its Chairman, Yuri Milner, invested 200 million dollars for a 2% stake in Facebook in 2009 through his digital company, Digital Sky Technologies, and another 100 million dollars in the following years.


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