The most prominent of them was Mena Arafa and Yasmine Sabry, who were among the stars who were involved in the leaked photos


The stars want to look their best for the audience and appear stylishly and at the same time fit the customs and traditions for fear of being attacked by their followers, but sometimes things outside their will happen where pictures of them are leaked.

This is what happened with the actress Menna Arafa, who recently topped the trend of the Google search index after leaking pictures of her wearing a bikini and in her hand the cigarette, the pictures were not published on the accounts of Menna Arafa, but they were leaked on social networking sites, which made her subject to a violent attack by her followers.

The same thing happened with the actress, Rahma Hassan, who had a leaked bold photo session during which she appeared wearing a bikini, but she defended herself and confirmed that the photographer who took these photos exposed her phone to theft, and the photos were leaked on the websites.

Artist Yasmine Sabry was also subjected to the same situation, where someone took pictures of her in bikini without noticing, and the photos were leaked, but she denied that she had these pictures in order to get out of this predicament.

The stars are not exposed to leaking bold images of them, but sometimes shocking, as a shocking image was leaked to Sherine Saif Al-Nasr wearing a mantle and overweight and in front of her she found nothing but denial that these pictures refer to her.


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