The mother of the murdered villa, “Nancy Ajram”, receives a lawsuit to attend a judicial session


Rehab Bitar, lawyer, published the family of the Syrian young man, Mohammed Hassan Al-Mousa,
The one who was killed in Nancy Ajram’s villa, that the mother of the dead man will attend in a court session on Thursday
She added a post
On her Facebook, her client – the victim’s mother – received a case sheet from the first investigative judge in Mount Lebanon, to attend
The session is tomorrow, Thursday.
The Lebanese National Media Agency had confirmed that he had sued
The first investigation in Mount Lebanon, Nicolas Mansour, scheduled the next Thursday session, at two oclock
Ten oclock at noon, to continue the investigation into the killing of the young Mohamed Al-Mousa inside Fadi Al-Hashem’s house
The husband of the Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram.
Judge Ghada Aoun also alleged the felony of intentional killing against Fadi Al-Hashem
, Where she referred the file to Nicolas Mansour, the first investigative judge in Mount Lebanon.
The judge had classified the killing of the assailant who entered his home,
As a self-defense.
Article 229 states: “The perpetrator shall not be punished for an act that she has taken refuge in
The necessity for him to defend himself, others, his property, or other property from an imminent physical danger
He did not intentionally cause it, provided that the act was proportionate.


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