The movie Joker returns to the stage for a week, I know the reason


Celebrated a company Warner Bros With login The movie Joker, To the Academy Award with 11 nominations, and through offering the artwork again, he met some different theaters around the world, without revealing them, for one week only, from January 17 to 24 of the same month, according to the report published on Location “colliderAnd the budget of the Joker About 55 million dollars.

The most famous film nominations in 2019, in the 92nd race of the most famous prize in the history of cinema “Oscar”, the best picture and best director and best lead actor, best screenplay, best cinematography, best graphic music, best fashion design, best makeup, best Voice, best audio merging.

It is reported that the revenues of the movie “Al Joker, To one billion, 68 million and 915 thousand US dollars, before being removed from theaters around the world, and the film was released on October 2 last year.

He had started breaking records since it was released last October, as he skipped movie revenues “Deadpool” Which earned 783 million dollars, which was on top of the top films revenue for the adult category only.

The movie Joker Adapted from the original story of clown Arthur Flick, considered the most famous scientist in the world Dc ComicsThe Joker lives in Gotham City, which is subject to many difficult pressures and oppressive conditions that compel him to transform into the character of the Joker.

The film has previously shown in a number of international festivals, including the Venice, Toronto, New York, Hamburg, and Zurich festivals..

The film includes a huge number of the most important and famous Hollywood stars, most notably Joaquin Phoenix, Robert de Niro, Zazi Beatz, Mark Maroun, Bill Camp, Brian Calin and others, the Joker movie Joker A workbook for adults only, as it contains many scenes of violence.


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