The National Bank warns of unknown voice messages … and confirms the safety of systems


07:12 PM

Tuesday 14 January 2020

I wrote – Manal Al-Masry:

Today, Tuesday, the National Bank of Egypt issued a statement confirming the incorrectness of what was circulated on some social media over the past days of an audio message – anonymous – claiming the risk of dealing through electronic payments and exposing customer data to piracy operations.

In the statement, which Al-Masrawy obtained a copy of, Al Ahli Bank said that this claim is completely false.

The statement added that he had previously issued text messages to his clients and indicated on his website – as part of his continuous awareness of his clients – that it is important for clients not to trade their secret numbers or any identification data in order to preserve their financial transactions.

The statement stated that the National Bank of Egypt holds multiple certificates from international bodies that enhance the integrity of the procedures for storing information, noting that it places the confidentiality of the data and accounts of its customers as a top priority in the operating system, and follows the highest insurance standards for data and the mechanisms for using its electronic products.

The bank stressed the importance of expanding electronic payments as a working method at the state level and that “we should not be led by rumors aimed at questioning the system of those payments that follow the best international standards.”

The bank said that electronic payment systems on the approved sites are secured and the customer is provided with a secret number.

The National Bank of Egypt also stressed the incorrectness of what was circulated through an unidentified voice message of the dangers of using electronic payment systems or exposing any of its clients data to piracy and that it considers securing information systems a subject of interest and following up on the supervisory authorities, according to strict supervisory instructions from the Central Bank of Egypt and following International and technical best practices.


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