The news of my death was hung on the wall … The last post of the writer, Muhammad Hassan Ali


04:18 PM

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Books – Ahmed Abdel Moneim:

Young writer Mohammed Hassan Khalifa died, this morning, shortly before he signed his fictional collection: “A Lonely Heart Declaration”, at the Cairo International Book Fair.

The death of the young writer shocked all of his followers and friends, who blamed him with sad words on his profile on Facebook.

On his Facebook page, Khalifa published yesterday a quote from the story of “My Grave Cemetery”, among the stories of his collection of stories: “An announcement about a lonely heart”, which included: “I hung the news of my death in front of me on the wall, every morning and evening I looked at it … . “

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The young journalist, Mohamed Hassan Khalifa, had died while touring the Cairo International Book Fair 2020, which opened to the public Thursday.

Khalifa fell unconscious while buying some books at the exhibition. The exhibition management rushed to rescue him, but he died in the air hospital upon his arrival, and the doctors have not revealed the cause of death so far.

It is reported that Muhammad Hassan Khalifa was writing articles in several Arab newspapers on culture, art, literature and Egyptian affairs.

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