The obesity crisis is the secret of high fatty liver disease among young adults


Many teenagers and young people today prefer to eat fast and ready foods because they are tempting and appetizing and do not eat food at home, which exposes them to many diseases. A recent scientific study published today in the famous scientific journal Lancet revealed that one of every five young men suffers from fatty liver disease and one of Each 40 They were already infected withCirrhosis.

The new study is the first to attempt to determine the prevalence of fatty liver disease and fibrosis in healthy adults in the UK.

Fatty liver disease is a condition in which fat accumulates in liver cells, and is widely divided into non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. (NAFLD) This type usually occurs in people who are overweight or obese, and the second type is alcohol-related fatty liver disease, which is associated with harmful levels of alcohol consumption.

And if both types are left untreated both can lead to (scarring of the liver) and in severe cases eventually cirrhosis, which is irreversible, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease worldwide affects almost a quarter of adults in developed countries.

To confirm the results of the study, the researchers, led by Dr. “Kochala Abeysekera” and researchers from the University of Bristol, analyzed data collected from 4,021 participants in the study of the nineties, also known as the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children.

Initially, the researchers looked at participants who did not report harmful alcohol consumption and found that one in five people had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

When expanding the data to include all participants, they found again that more than 20% had demonstrated evidence of fatty liver and that one in 40 had actually developed fibrosis.

For comparison, at the age of 17 years, 2.5% of the participants had moderate to severe levels of fatty liver, while this number increased at the age of 24 To 13%.

“The data of the 1990s children have highlighted the potential importance of liver health amongst young adults, and this age group remains a blind spot for doctors,” said Dr. Apsekera, lecturer at Bristol Medical College: Population Health Sciences.

The researchers added that the obesity crisis is the cause of fat and cirrhosis among the youth, so fatty foods, exercise and healthy diets should be avoided.


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