The only survivor of the collapsed real estate of Alexandria: “Our Lord inspired me to jump from the window”


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The Attarin Prosecution office in Alexandria continued to investigate the incident of the collapse of a property in Ismail Muhanna Street, in the city center, which resulted in the death of 5 people under the rubble and the injury of another who happened to be sitting in a cafe under the property. The advisers, Muhammad Abdel Mawali and Ahmed Abu Gamra, as director of Attarin Prosecution Office, heard the statements of witnesses.

Hussein Amin, a worker at the Workers’ Exchange, decided that while he was inside the cafe to prepare requests for customers who were 6 people, he was surprised by the collapse of the roofs of the property and cracked it. He added: «Lord, inspired me that I jump from the window while the customers were not able to go out and 5 of them were killed under The rubble.

The prosecution heard the statements of Yusri Muhammad Ali, the brother of one of the deceased, and decided that his brother was sitting at the cafe the moment the property collapsed, and the roof collapsed with him and other people, and he died, and no one was accused of causing the accident.

Al-Attarin Police Department received a notification stating the collapse of property No. 114, Ismail Muhanna Street, off Abdel Moneim Street, and Major General Hamdi Al-Hashash, the Secretary-General of the governorate, and the Sheriff and section officers and civil protection forces moved their equipment to the site of the accident.

It was revealed from the inspection that the collapsed property consisted of a ground and 3 upper floors, an old building, and a decision to remove to the surface of the land was issued with a demolition license number 215 of 2017.
The record No. 248 of 2020 was issued by the Attarine administrator.

It was found from the inspection of the prosecution that the property is completely empty of the residents, except for a cafe named “Labor Exchange” on the ground floor. The examination revealed that the five victims were killed while sitting at the aforementioned cafe, after the roofs of the property and the cafe collapsed completely over their heads.

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