The opportunity of Saleh Jum’a and Hussein Al-Sayed is not available. Video


Syed Abdul Hafeez, Al-Ahly’s football director, said that there are no developments regarding the departure of the Angolan player Geraldo from the team.

He added, “Abdul Hafeez”, in television statements to the satellite channel “Cairo and the people”, “I want to issue a decision in this regard tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, so if we contract with a foreign player, another foreigner will leave instead of him, and when the deal is officially terminated, we will announce it.”

“There is nothing new about secondments, It remains We have the rest of the month of January, and Saleh Jumaa and Hussein Al-Sayed are good, very important, but the opportunity may not be available at the moment. “

He continued: “We do not know what will happen. Hussein Al-Sayed is a very good international player, and the left-back center is crowded in Al-Ahly now, and he needs to participate mainly.”

He continued his position, “His position in the Egyptian team is vacant, and I will sit with him, and we will talk about all matters. I will also hold a session with Saleh Jumaa, because I very much believe that there are still opportunities in life, and, God willing, he will be present.”

Speaking about the renewal of Sharif Ikrami, Walid Suleiman, Ahmed Fathi, and Hussam Ashour: “This file will be opened soon because there is pressure in the matches. The fact that Walid Azzaro did not participate in the matches is a technical matter for the technical staff, as the result of the first game will affect the second morally.”


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