The Order of St. George .. for those who defeated black terrorism


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Strong indications behind the awarding of the German Dresden Opera House “Medal of St. George” to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi this year, in recognition of his proven role in peacemaking in North Africa, and his leadership as a statesman carrying hope for the continent. As for St. George Saint GeorgeOr, Grace, or Gerges, known in the Coptic literature as “St. George”, and in Russian culture as “St. George”, he is a symbol of an army, or a commander of armies, who dedicated to serving the country to save him from the lurking forces of evil, and raising the banner of peace. This is why a well-known historical story represents St. George ascending his horseback, carrying his spear to smear him in the heart of a huge dragon. The story became a symbol of the crushing of evil, represented by that dreaded dragon. As for the heroic Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, he deserved that medal for fighting the forces of evil on behalf of the world and crushing him with the black hand of terrorism, which was intending to wreck the neck of Egypt and the entire Arab region from 2013 until today, until they purify the face of the homeland exclusively for its children without terrorism, intimidation, detonation, or penance..

Because President Sisi understands the “mechanism of terrorism”, and how he begins to “mind” before he lies in “the bomb fuse”, he tried from the first day to fight terrorism in its first cradle, which is “extremist reason and thought”, and called for the renewal and correction of the religious discourse, from which Terrorism begins, and only the pressure of the trigger is left, and it defuses lethality, woe, destruction and bloodshed. That is why he emphasized in his recent speech the necessity of correcting the religious discourse, not only in order to save non-Muslims from the extremes of extremist currents, but originally in order to save Islam itself from distortion, and to save Muslims from stigmatization with violence, bloody and inhuman, and these qualities, unfortunately, all An honorable Muslim, due to the bloodyity of the ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Takfiris, who unfortunately belong to the Islamic trend, and who carry the false name “Muslim”, and we are Muslims, and the Islamic religion, among them are innocent. This is why President El-Sisi stressed that failure to confront extremist ideology, and inaction in correcting religious discourse, leaves the stage vacant for “semi-scholars” to occupy, so they steal the minds of youth and young people and adorn them with the permissibility of blood as a lust for killing and assault..

Indeed, the word “correction” is more accurate than the word “renewal”, which is what we need now in order to save Egypt and the world from the forces of darkness and black terrorism. When a man appears full of his muscles and his tongue on the television screens to say with confidence: “Christians are infidels” (and he knows the consequences of this by bombing churches and slaughtering Christians), and he is not punished and he returns to his home to repeat his booby-trapped speech on his page, so his disciples grow up and pass on their pages until they Hatred prevails among the sons of one country, so we need to “correct” the religious discourse, not its renewal. And that a food store hangs a cheap banner saying: “Staff are required, and Christians abstain.” Then his place is not closed. We need to “correct” the religious discourse, not its renewal. And that a large Islamic symbol and official symbol will appear in a TV ad saying: “Donate to such a hospital, because it treats the children of Muslims.” Then he does not apologize nor draw his attention, so we need to “correct” the religious discourse, not its renewal. That an unknown teacher reprimanded the disciples of his Christian class saying, “Is he you have a religion ?!”, and other similar sentences, then that teacher continues his work and the scandal does not turn into a public opinion issue in order not to repeat that nonsense, so we need to “correct” the speech Religious, not renewed. To remain adhering to the second article of the Egyptian constitution, which was entered into force by barter, instead of perpetuating the principle of “citizenship”, then we need to “correct” the religious discourse, not its renewal. For a person to be able to repeat the phrase: “the people of the dhimma” without knowing that the phrase has no place in the concept of “the state of citizenship”, we need to “correct” the religious discourse, not its renewal. That a Christian student excel and be his first batch, then he is not appointed as a repeater for the arbitrariness and extremism of the head of the department, then the extremist is not said, then we need to “correct” the religious discourse, not its renewal. I leave the article a thousand pages to enumerate bitter phenomena that require correction, not renewal. Blessed is Egypt, which fights terrorism on behalf of the world. Always “religion is for God, and the homeland is for those who love the country».

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