The price of iron today, Friday, 24/1-2020, and a decrease in ton prices at the beginning of the day


The price of iron surprised on Friday, 24/1-2020, a decrease in the price of tons per sale and purchase transactions, and the Egyptian Stock Exchange confirmed that the iron has reached a decrease in its price today to about 100 pounds per ton, and iron is one of the basic materials that cannot be dispensed with in the basics Building any country, and there are many iron reinforcing factories in Egypt, in which iron prices differ from one company to another and according to their type and the materials used in its manufacture, and to learn about the iron prices in the Egyptian market, follow us.

Fall in iron prices on Friday:

With a new beginning at the end of the third week of the new year 2020, the Egyptian Stock Exchange announced a sudden decrease in the prices of tons of iron, and the decline has reached 100 pounds per ton in the process of buying and selling.

Iron prices are affected as a result of many factors, the most important of which are the prices of materials that are used to arm iron, as well as labor that helps in the production process. The price of the US dollar plays a fundamental role in decreasing or rising prices.

Iron prices according to several manufacturers on 24/1-2020:

the manufacture companythe prices
Ezz Steel10200 Egyptian pounds
Iron of the Egyptians9850 EGP
Al-Garhi Iron9650 EGP
Suez Iron9900 Egyptian pounds
Egypt Steel9450 EGP

Reasons for the low price of a ton of iron in the Egyptian market:

The developments that occur in the prices of building materials in the Egyptian market are due to many factors that make traders forced to reduce prices in the market, and among those important reasons is the ratio of supply and demand.

In the recent period, the levels of purchasing iron decreased in the Egyptian rustling, which made the rate of stagnation in the process of buying and selling, and this led to the fact that traders reduced prices to keep up with the market need to buy and sell.


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