“The proof”: What happened in Khartoum is an attempt to abort the revolution … and we will not allow a “coup”


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The President of the Transitional Sovereign Council of Sudan, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, confirmed on Wednesday that what happened in Khartoum is an attempt to abort the revolution, stressing that a coup should not be allowed in the country. The proof announced that the navigation traffic will return to normal at Khartoum airport, after all the headquarters were controlled by the Sudanese armed forces, according to «Sky News Arabia».

The President of the Sovereign Council of Sudan indicated that the armed forces are holding together to protect the transitional period. On Tuesday evening, the Sudanese Armed Forces were able to recover all intelligence headquarters in Khartoum from the grip of rebel security forces.

A source told «Reuters»: «The armed forces receive all headquarters of the operations authority after a successful negotiation led by the director of the intelligence service Dumplab and persuaded the forces to surrender their weapons and hand over the headquarters and the end of the crisis». And those forces opened fire to protest the financial reward and benefits, which were approved by the official authorities in exchange for ending their services.

Earlier, the Sudanese army announced imposing its control on the headquarters of the Operations Authority in the Kafouri neighborhood, north of Khartoum, after renewed clashes with rebel elements. This was preceded by the Sudanese army sending tanks to the Kafouri area north of Khartoum to control the situation, after heavy gunfire and the “rebellion” of members of the Sudanese General Intelligence Service, which led to the closure of Khartoum airport.

For his part, the Sudanese Attorney General, Taj Al-Sir Ali Al-Ink, affirmed that what happened from the employees of the laid-off General Intelligence Agency, the Operations Authority, constitutes a crime of rebellion in its entirety.

Al-Ink called for conducting the necessary investigations to uncover what happened and restructuring the intelligence apparatus in accordance with the constitutional document, stressing the lifting of immunities and the presentation of the defendants to trials for the crimes they committed against citizens.

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