The prosecution is listening to eyewitnesses in the “dead bridegroom” incident in Dakahli


03:32 PM

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Dakahlia- Rami Mahmoud:

The representative of the Talkha Center in Dakahlia, headed by Counselor Mohamed Hadayat, and under the supervision of Counselor Alaa Al-Saadani, First Public Prosecutor of the Southern Mansoura Prosecution, heard today, Wednesday, the statements of eyewitnesses in the case of the death of Ibrahim Ibrahim Al-Azazi, 30, who was run over under the wheels of a car, while he was chasing a seized China On a lady’s bag.

A team of the Public Prosecution, which included Abdullah Yusri, the Deputy Public Prosecutor, moved to the scene of the accident. The surveillance cameras, which showed the picture of the “tuk tuk” that the perpetrators boarded, and the driver of the car that collided with the deceased while chasing the thieves, were unloaded.

A friend of “AM” said a school, which was stolen by the accused, that while she walked in the street near the cafe where the deceased worked, Tok Tok approached her, took her bag, and ran behind the victim independently, “Motocycle”.

The lawyer for the victim confirmed that the deceased, during the chase, kicked one of them with his foot and fell to the motorcycle under the wheels of a car that was traveling on the opposite road, which was monitored by a surveillance camera at a car-brush factory near the Delta Academy of Sciences.

Thousands of people from the village of “Mit Antar” had funeral yesterday evening, the funeral of the victim, who only passed 10 days after his marriage.

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